Regular Oil changes is the most important maintenance item for a vehicle.
Changing the oil itself is only a portion of the importance.
Even if your engine oil isn't due by mileage it's still very important to check the vehicle over about every 4 months, which is why Oil change reminder stickers have a "Mileage" or "Next Service Date" written on them.

Over a 4 month time the Seasons have changed and along with that change most likely your Tire pressure has changed as well.
Under inflated tires is a large safety hazard and also reduces Gas Mileage.  Properly inflated tires increases gas mileage on average 0.6% (savings around $0.02 per gallon).  However the increase could be up to 3% with the proper tire pressure.

In general simple items if left unchecked for a little while could cause you trouble, so bringing in your vehicle for a quick vehicle inspection or simple oil change is a good way to keep you and your vehicle safe.  

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