Automobiles and pollution is a given.  Responsible care of a vehicles waste is always a high priority for us.  Ishii Motor Industries contracts Emerald Services the largest locally owned recycler of fluids and solvents in the Northwest to recycle the waste we collect.

All oils, antifreeze and materials used to clean fluids are taken away for recycling and cleaning.
We take the time to crush oil filters in house to extract the oil out to insure the highest level of responsibility at our end of the recycling process.  

At a higher cost we rent our solvent tanks and pay to have them cleaned and used solvent taken away for recycling.

All batteries collected are recycled through Interstate Batteries.

In order to reduce the use of electricity we use LED lights in our building and turn off equipment and lighting when not required.
This extends to having a shut off valve on our compressed air line so that potential leaks in our compressed air system will not drain down the reserve of compressed air overnight thus reducing the amount of time the shops air compressor runs.



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