Ishii Motor Industries is certified for the servicing of motor vehicle air conditioners in accordance with Section 609 of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990

If your air conditioner is no longer effective or inoperative completely we can diagnose and repair it for you. 

In general all airconditioners from model year 1994 use R134 refrigerant and most vehicles prior to 1994 use R12 refrigerant. 
Recently R12 is not even serviced by automobile dealers as it is extremely expensive and bad for the environment. 
Ishii Motor Industries also does not service R12 refrigerant.  However we can retrofit any R12 system to use a refrigerant called FR12.  FR12 is a low pressure gas that works extremely well in R12 systems. 

Surprisingly most repair shops and dealers retrofit R12 systems to R134 refrigerant.  Using R134 in a R12 system will not produce effective cooling.  Using R134 will cause the pressures in the system to become abnormally high and to a point where the Condenser can not effectively cool due to the fact that R12 Condensers are much smaller than R134 refrigerant would require.  What this means is you will not have cold air blowing using R134 in a R12 system. 

So when it comes to getting your older vehicles air conditioning working again we know what to do and have the equipment to do it!   

As there is a large difference in cost of repair or retrofit per type of vehicle please call, email or fill out the form below today for a quote. 


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